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Week of: 2019-05-18 (18 May 2019) introduced by SEPP

Week Quantity: 415.26 ppm

Ken Haapala, Chairman, Science and Environmental Coverage (SEPP) )

Language: In WUWT, the TWTW reader requested: “Do you see a tendency to climate change reporting, ie in the last 3 years? Is it better, scientific or inferior? ”

Reporting, each in newspapers and in science or in pure journals, has turn out to be increasingly sensitive and more personalised. Nevertheless, this happened long earlier than Donald Trump was elected

For example, the 2010 e-book, through which suspicious chains attack 4 distinguished researchers, Oreskes and Conway, discovered that the evidence supporting their claims may be discovered within the footnotes mentioned within the footnotes. . In fact there was no evidence. By 2015, such subtleties have been absent, no footnotes needed

In preparation for the 2015 Paris Agreement, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and its Followers have been leaders who explicitly claimed that science despatched 100 billion to the UN Green Climate Fund $ a yr might mitigate the specter of local weather change by controlling carbon dioxide emissions. The IPCC turned more conscious of the consequences of carbon dioxide on temperature, so it didn’t produce vital evidence. The trouble was political, not scientific.

Carbon dioxide is a small think about local weather change. An article by the meteorologist Joe Bastard, overlaying the final 600 million years, exhibits a historic weak relationship between carbon dioxide and temperatures. The chart is probably not accurate, however it shouldn’t be ignored until robust proof exhibits that the connection is robust – proof that the IPCC and its Followers haven’t produced.

Latest Assaults Towards Will Happer and Proposal Unbiased Committee on Local weather Research exhibits that climate change knows its work is one thing fallacious. Happer is an skilled in atomic, molecular, and optical physics, which incorporates researching electromagnetic radiation (together with infrared radiation), precisely the sector wanted to know how the increase in CO2 can affect floor temperature by slowing down electromagnetic radiation (together with infrared radiation) from earth to area . Nevertheless, editorial journals in scientific journals claim that he is not certified as a result of he isn’t a climate scientist – whatever a local weather researcher is. See hyperlinks to the challenge of orthodoxy and alter in US administration.

Guardian Guides: Based on reviews from the Guardian newspaper (UK), it has up to date type tips. As said in The Hill:

“… it is no longer recommended to use the terms“ climate change ”and“ global warning ”.

"Instead of" climate change "and" international heating "," Guardian makes use of "climate change" and "global warming" as an alternative of "global warming", though other clauses aren’t forbidden. The document additionally ends with a "climate skeptic" who chooses as an alternative a "denier of climate science".

"Wild life" is used as an alternative of "biodiversity" and "fish stocks" additionally change to "fish stocks". 19659003] ”“ We want to make sure that we are scientifically accurate, while we are clearly talking to readers about this very important issue, ”editor-in-chief Katharine Viner stated on Friday in a Guardian article explaining the change. "For example, the phrase" climate change "sounds rather passive and gentle when scientists talk about the human catastrophe."

”“ UN climate scientists and organizations in Met Office are increasingly changing terminology and using a stronger language to describe our situation, ”he added.

”The article states that the United Nations Secretary-Common, António Guterres, has used the term" climate crisis "in addition to the climate scientist Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, who has advised German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the EU and the Pope. "

In accordance with these tips, TWTW is a denier of climate science, because TWTW claims that the IPCC model of local weather science just isn’t a science as a result of it does not bear in mind exhausting proof or is it a denier of local weather science as a result of TWTW claims IPCC does not understand the greenhouse effect ?

Nature and Youngsters: There was an article within the Nature journal that advocated using youngsters to encourage mother and father on the political problem of local weather change or on climate change. William Briggs, a statistician, discusses the absurdity of the proposal

It’s also helpful to take a look at the maturation of the human brain. In accordance with the University of Rochester Health Cyclopedia:

“Understanding Teen Brain

” Regardless of how sensible teenagers are or how properly they obtained SAT or ACT values.

”The rational a part of the teenage brain shouldn’t be absolutely developed and isn’t at the age of 25.

current studies have discovered that adults and teenagers work in another way. Adults think of a prefronal cortical, a wise a part of the brain. That is the a part of the mind that responds to conditions the place there’s logic and awareness of the lengthy-term penalties. Teenagers processes knowledge with amygdala. This is an emotional half

“In youngsters, the connections between the emotional part of the mind and the choice-making middle continue to develop – not all the time on the similar fee. Subsequently, when youngsters have an awesome emotional enter, they can’t explain later what they thought. They didn't assume as a lot as they knew. "… [19659003] Greenhouse Effect – Advantages: It’s usually accepted that greenhouse gases are a natural part of the earth's environment. It’s estimated that greenhouse gases improve the typical surface temperature of the nation by about 33ºC (60ºF). With out greenhouse gases, it’s estimated that the typical floor temperature can be about 18 ° C (zero ° F) as an alternative of the present 15 ° C (59 ° F) at the present estimated international temperatures. Water vapor and clouds account for 70-90% of the greenhouse impact. 70% of the 1992 IPCC report. Others declare extra water vapor and clouds. One other vital greenhouse fuel is carbon dioxide, which is estimated to be between 5 and 25%

It is very important understand that with out the greenhouse effect, the areas of continents coming from tropical nations can be much colder at night time – nicely under freezing. Such temperatures would forestall agriculture on the earth's massive breadcrumbs, in delicate areas. Grass, reminiscent of wheat and corn, doesn’t grow. Beneath such circumstances, maybe only crops rising within the Midwest can be moss, celestial bodies and lichens, reminiscent of crops rising in tundra. (As discussed at TWTW final week, Roy Spencer estimates that, based mostly on the NASA's Aqua Satellite tv for pc infrared instrument AIRS, about 80% of the warmth that has occurred because the launch of the satellite in 2002 has taken place at night time.) [19659003] The greenhouse effect is essential in agriculture and america . To ensure that the Supreme Courtroom to seek out that greenhouse gases, ie water vapor and carbon dioxide, are contaminants that can be regulated in the EPA underneath the Clean Air Act, there’s a further measure that requires distinctive proof. The Supreme Courtroom had nothing. In its conclusions that greenhouse gases jeopardize public health and properly-being, the EPA did not take note of the consequences of greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect, however did not present robust evidence of injury, solely of questionable studies and models that do not mirror atmospheric occasions. 19659003] The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) has submitted a request for correction underneath the Knowledge High quality Act, the place EPA is requested to cease utilizing menace knowledge till it corrects the procedural errors in getting ready the menace detection. This is along with the earlier petition of the CEI and the SEPP and isn’t part of a future complement that states that the proof offered by EPA exhibits that it doesn’t understand the greenhouse effect and the advantages of it.

Multicellular Life: About three.5 billion years in the past, life was a lot easier. It consisted largely of microorganisms resembling prokaryotes, single-celled organisms with no membrane-sure nucleus. These are thought-about extra primitive than eukaryotes with a nicely-outlined membrane-sure core and specialised buildings

One prokaryotic, blue-inexperienced micro organism, cyanobacteria developed a way for obtaining power by photosynthesis, using photo voltaic power to chemically break down molecules of water and carbon dioxide and to renew them by creating carbohydrates and oxygen. Then, life has progressively advanced into a posh and multicellular life, together with much later animals.

All multicellular life depends upon the decomposition of water and carbon dioxide.

Svensmark and Cosmic Rays: Last week, WUWT associates carried out an interview with Henrik Svensmark, who developed a speculation that prime-power cosmic rays in the low solar power will cloud the earth's environment. Throughout excessive solar power, the improved solar wind reduces the quantity of excessive power cosmic rays that hit the environment, which reduces cloudiness. Sadly, the written presentation of the interview was a bit cloudy with regard to cosmic radiation and photo voltaic radiation.

Svenmark's speculation is that prime-power cosmic rays of explosive supernova (highly large stars) cause ionization pathways to enter the environment as cloud-forming websites. When the sun could be very lively, that’s, throughout many sunshine durations, a robust solar wind and photo voltaic cell magnetic area reduces the movement of those energetic cosmic rays, which reduces cloud cover. During low photo voltaic activity (akin to Maunder Minimum), cosmic beam movement will increase cloud coverage, stopping incoming sunlight and earth cooling.

Astrophysics Gordon Fulks, "Galactic Cosmic Ray Electron, Proton and Alphas, JGR 1975" advised SEPP that it was confusing between galactic cosmic rays and solar power.

Power and Info Infrastructure: Mark Mills, an power skilled, has produced 5 elements in the Actual Clear Power Group, which deals with big demands on electrical energy within the improvement of electronics and associated high-tech gear. The event of 'intelligent' know-how and artificial intelligence puts strain on the networks that renewable power sources are unable to satisfy. Among the many essential necessities of knowledge facilities and other 'sensible' facilities is that electrical energy is reliable. The wind and the solar are usually not, and battery backups have been shortly erased.

Mills summarizes his views in another article, which states that the power revolution does not come from renewable power sources. He says:

“If we want a disturbance in the state of energy, we need new, fundamental discoveries in science. As Bill Gates has said, the challenge requires scientific "miracles". All the technological breakthroughs that are desired will not come from yesterday's technology, wind and solar power. The Internet had not provided support for a telephone network or a transistor to support vacuum tubes or to support the railway from a car. If political decision-makers were serious about following the next energy revolution, they would talk much more about supporting basic research. ”

Several comments have been made by ExxonMobil that provide $ 100 million in nationwide renewable power. Laboratory and other DOE laboratories specializing in "developing advanced energy technologies focusing on emission reduction". Nevertheless, the reviews present that a lot of this money goes to failed applied sciences corresponding to biofuels, carbon seize and storage. wonders whether or not this research will change something actually.


SEPP makes an annual vote for the desired trophy receiver, The Jackson. Readers are asked to call and vote for many who really feel they are deserving, in line with the next standards:

• Nominee registrars have made progress or recommend that a significant portion of public or vital public or vital part be expanded. the overall financial system.
• The nominee registrar declares that such measures are essential for the protection of public health, nicely-being or the surroundings
• The administration report states that these measures are supported by physical science.
• Bodily science that supports these actions is obscure at greatest and probably non-existent. Generally, the selection board favors a candidate with a national or worldwide presence. The vote will finish on 30 June. Submit your candidate and a short purpose why a person is entitled to respect for Thanks.

Week number: 415.26 ppm. NOAA's Mauna Loa Hawaii Observatory (3397 meters or 11,135 ft above sea degree) will hit 415.26 ppm on 14 May. Traditionally, peak values ​​fall in May as the vegetation in the northern hemisphere consumes carbon dioxide. This ought to be fairly a joy for the approaching spring and the greening of the planet. Sadly, for many, that is the time to spread the worry of carbon dioxide.


Science: Does the Solar Rise?

The secret of excessive power cosmic rays
Writers, NASA, May 13, 2019… [19659003] SVENSMARK's Drive Majeure, The Nice Position of the Solar in Climate Change
H. Sterling Burnett, WUWT, May 9, 2019… learn19459004] [SEPP Comment: See comments above under the heading of Svensmark and Cosmic Rays.]


Scam-Pedic? Climate Institute sends "Cease & Desist" to Wikipedia! 7-web page listing of "lies", "malware"
Writer: P Gosselin, No Tips Zone, May 15, 2019…

Orthodox – NIPCC

Local weather Change: Physical Science
Idso, Carter and Singer, Main Editors / Editors, Worldwide Local weather Change Panel (NIPCC), 2013
https: //www.heartland. org / media-lib…

Local weather change: II: Biological results
Idso, Idso, Carter and singer, lead Authors / editors, International Climate Change Panel (NIPCC), 2014
http: //climatechangereconsidered.or…

] Climate change was reconsidered II: Fossil Fuels
Several Elements, Bezdek, Idso, Legates and Singer Suppliers, International Local weather Change Panel, Ap ril 2019… for them
Download for Free:
http: //climatechangereconsidered.or…

Why scientists disagree with international heating
NIPCC report on scientific consensus
Craig D. Idso, Robert M. Carter and S. Fred Singer, International Local weather Change Panel (NIPCC), Marr May 23, 2015
http: // climatechangereconsidered. or…
Download at no cost:…

Nature, not human exercise, guidelines of the climate
S. Fred Singer, editor, NIPCC, 2008…

Orthodontic Training

CEI's petitions EPA to right the risks of 2009
Myron Ebell, CEI, May 17, 2019
https : //…

Half of the 21st Century Heat for El Nino
Roy Spencer, May 13, 2019
http: //www.drroyspencer com / 20 19 / 05…

Do you want an power revolution?
It does not come from renewable power sources that can never ship all the facility we’d like, but from primary analysis.
Mark Mills, City Journal, May 3, 2019 [H/t Cooler Heads]…

Power and Info Infrastructure: Part 5: Robots Consuming too: Huang Regulation and energetic Appetite for Artificial Intelligence
Mark Mills, Actual Clear Power, May 16, 2019…

& Gimme Gimme Shock Remedy & # 39;
Joe Bastardi, Patriot Publish, May 17, 2019 [H/t ICECAP]…

Large extinction lie: life is booming
Gregory Wrightstone, unpleasant information, May 13, 2019 [H/t Paul Homewood]…

Worrying about extinction? Go to Evaluation the Details
Paul Homewood, Not Many Individuals Know, May 17, 2019
https: //notalotofpeopleknowthat.wor …

How Capitalism Saves Endangered Species
Dan Hannan, Washington Examiner, May 10, 2019…

Combating Orthodoxy

Spotlight our planet pulse
Employees writers, Paris (ESA), May 14, 2019
http: / /… read
”Satellites present essential info to help remedy our largest international drawback: local weather change. Along with the planet's pulse, satellite knowledge is utilized in numerous day by day purposes and is more and more used in enterprise. It isn’t shocking that over four,000 individuals have fallen to Milan to hear the newest scientific findings about the Earth's natural processes and international modifications and to study the various new opportunities that Earth's remark provides.
[SEPP Comment: No mention of global atmospheric temperature trends from 40 years of satellite data or changing infrared energy from earth to space from over 16 years of data.]

Guardian updates the fashion: Climate change is now a "climate emergency, crisis or breakdown"
Rachel Franzin, The Hill, May 17, 2019 policy / power-e…
[SEPP Comment: Great propaganda photo of unidentified chimneys belching black stuff in low light, probably steam under special effects.]

These climate change instruments need to die
Current climate protests have been achieved with a wave of dangerous cynicism that have to be overcome.
Joe Sandler Clarke, VICE, May 15, 2019… [19659003] We solely tracked the CO2 report. Why is it necessary?
Chelsea Harvey, E&E News, May 16, 2019…
“Atmospheric CO2 levels correlate directly with rising global temperatures.”
[SEPP Comment: Bunk! Some readers may not be able to link to the article.]

Difficult Orthodoxism

Neff: When the reason being pushed to the corner
Ondřej Neff, Czech author and editor-in-chief of Invisible Dog, Reference Framework, May 11, 2019
2019/05 /…
“In accordance with the rational facet, the setting is completely absurd in Western circumstances. The setting has clearly improved for decades. It has by no means acquired as a lot attention because it has acquired at the moment, air has by no means been as clear as it is as we speak, fish are returning to rivers where they haven’t been seen for decades. All this actuality is known as "emergency", whereas the three-yr limit has been claimed to define a return point.

Scientific Hubris and International Warming
Guest Message from Gregory Sloop WUWT, May 17, 2019…

Is the lengthy honeymoon hike for renewable power sources over?
John Constable, GWPF, May 11, 2019
https: /… [19659003] Current studies show a lower in species extinction because of warming – COOLING
Kenneth Richard, NO Tips Zone, May 16, 2019
https: //…

Urban Climate Disaster
Jim Steele, His Blog, May 14, 2019
http: // landscapesandcycles.internet/our-…
”” Because international weather stations only document local circumstances, it is very important perceive that more than a 3rd of the nation's weather stations report a downward development (ie, Determine 4 is low). that cooling regions wouldn’t have a "warming climate crisis". Sadly, by averaging cooling and warming tendencies, local elements that affect totally different developments are coated. ”

Why does McKinsey distort the details?
Donn Dears, Power for USA, May 14, 2019
https: //… read
[SEPP Comment: McKinsey is a “worldwide management consulting firm,” demonstrating incompetence?]

after Paris

It's cheaper to speak than reduce emissions
Bjørn Lomborg, Challenge Syndicate, May 17, 2019… [19659003] Brazil Annuls Another UN Local weather Change Event
] Employees Writers, AP, May 14, 2019 [H/t GWPF] https: //…

Who knew? The fourth largest nation has threatened to withdraw from the Treaty of Paris
Jo Novan, his blog, May 17, 2019… [19659003] Inexperienced Flop: Falling Renewables Investments stop the Paris climate objectives
Employees Writers, Financial Occasions, May 14, 2019… [19659046] Altering US Administrations [19659047] The Trump Administration might "revisit "climate modeling
Environmentalists are nervous about statements EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler made a gathering with surroundings ministers
Jean Chemnick, E&E News, By way of Scientific American, May 10, 2019… P.

[SEPP Comment: Why worry, the science is settled! Or is it?]

Can Trump save the air conditioner from a deep state?
Ben Lieberman, CEI, May 14, 2019
https: //…

Trump vs. Inexperienced New Deal
Robert Bradley Jr. Master Useful resource May 16, 2019…

Orthodox Issues

The German Employers' Confederation Op Ed: "There is no expert policy in Berlin that believes in moving to green energies"
by P Gosselin, No Tips Zone, May 14, 2019…

The "collapse" of wind on German land jeopardizes the EU's renewable power objectives
134 MW new land-based mostly wind energy capacity within the first three months of 2019 – the worst first quarter since 2000
Priyanka Shrestha, Power Reside Information, May 13, 2019 2019… [19659003] The German Energiewenden flops – h tens of billions of euros to use
Personnel writers, Day by day Telegraph, By way of GWPF, May 15, 2019…

] Alberta Director Jason Kenney tells about the province's carbon tax dies May 30,
Dean Bennett, Nationwide Submit, May 14, 2019… 3.19659003.docUN Biodiversity Officers Fail in Transparency Check
IPBES Does Not Provide CV most influential panel members.
Donna Laframboise, Massive Picture News, May 13, 2019…

Discovering a Widespread Area

ExxonMobil, National Renewable Power Laboratory launches a $ 100 million partnership for low-emission applied sciences
Michael Sandoval, West Wire, May 8, 2019… for them [SEPP Comment: Doubt this will deflect attacks against ExxonMobil or accusations against skeptics of taking money from ExxonMobil.]

Why assets usually are not "natural" and never work out
Steve Goreham, Washington Occasions, May 14, 2019…
”The World Wildlife Fund stated last week on May 10, Europe was a day of crossing the globe assets for the yr.

Evaluation of the newest scientific articles on carbon dioxide science

The Tropical Timber Response to Increased Carbon Dioxide and Drought
de Oliveira, MF and Marenco, R.A. 2019. Fuel trade, biomass distribution and water effectivity in response to increased carbon dioxide and drought in Andirob (Carapa surinamensis, Meliaceae). iForest 12: 61-68. May 9, 2019…
”It ought to be noted that climate fashions will acquire lengthy-term droughts within the Amazon region sooner or later because of local weather change brought on by CO2 emissions, de Oliveira and Marenco (2019) decided" to assess the impact of elevated carbon dioxide (eCO2) and drought on photosynthetic prices, water efficiency and biomass distribution in andirob (Carapa surinamensis). "
Based mostly on the foregoing, it’s clear that the expansion of Andiroba wood advantages from growing carbon dioxide concentrations within the environment that promote their progress and improve using water, particularly during drought. ”

Interactive Results of CO2 and Mild Power Orchid Blossoms
Cho, AR, Music, SJ, Chung, SW and Kim, Y.J. 2019. Carbon enrichment at a better degree of illumination improves the standard of the flowering of Phalaenopsis Queen Beer ”Maneforn”. [Really] Scientia Horticulturae 247: 356-361. 16 May 2019…

Impact of High CO2 on Soybean Progress and Herbivore Resistance
Zhang, Y., Dai, Y., Wan, G. , Liu, B., Xing, G., and Chen, F. 2018. Results of elevated carbon dioxide on plant chemistry, progress, yield of resistant soybean and feeding of the target pest, Spodoptera litura (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Environmental Entomology 47: 848-856. May 15, 2019…
"So farmers who cultivate the Lamar variety might sooner or later make the most effective use of the crop-decreasing results of rising carbon dioxide in the environment that enhance the productiveness of crops and found right here. .

Results of elevated pCO2 seawater on Pacific cod deaths
Hurst, TP, Copeman, LA, Haines, SA, Meredith, SD, Daniels, Okay. and Hubbard, KM 2019. Excessive CO2 modifications the conduct, progress of Pacific cod larvae and a lipid composition. Marine Environmental Analysis 145: 52-65. May 13, 2019…

Measuring Issues – Surface

€ 415.26 Million: CO2 Ranges Exceeded Historic Peak
Patrick Galey, Paris (AFP ), May 14, 2019…

What’s the floor temperature register? Visitor: Dr. Roger Pielke Sr.
by Anthony Watts, WUWT, May 13, 2019…

No ice hockey marks: research reveal lack of long-term heating
Vijay Jayaraj, WUWT, May 16, 2019…
A new temperature reconstruction using proxy temperature measurements from Central Asia has proven that there has been no warming over the previous 432 years.

Earth's Second Hottest April
Miranda Inexperienced, The Hill, May 17, 2019…
Hyperlink to Tokyo Climate Middle, WMO: n regional climate middle in RA II (Asia)
Monthly common month-to-month international surface temperature deviations in April (1891 – 2019, preliminary worth) / tcc / …
”The monthly common floor temperature deviation in April 2019 (i.e. the typical of the bottom and the typical temperature of the SS) T) was + 0.43 ° C above the 1981-2010 average (+ 0.82 ° C above the 20th average) ), and was the 2nd warmest since 1891. In the long run, the typical international surface temperatures have risen by about 0.78 ° C in the century.
[SEPP Comment: Based on very sparse, or spotty, data.]

Robots Restoring Previous Temperatures – Greatest to Keep away from Australian Knowledge
Jennifer Marohasy, His Weblog, May 17, 2019
https: // jennifermarohasy. com / 2019/zero…
”Vaikka keinotekoinen äly, ja erityisesti ANN, katsotaan nyt kypsäksi teknologiaksi, jota käytetään moniin erilaisiin tehtäviin, jotka edellyttävät mallin tunnistamista ja päätöksentekoa ja ennustamista – valtavirran ilmaston tutkijat kieltävät niiden kapasiteetin. Yksi syy siihen on se, että johtavat ilmastotutkijat väittävät, että hiilidioksidi on niin häirinnyt luonnollisia ilmastosyklejä, että kuviot eivät enää säily. Tämä on tietysti vähän enemmän kuin hypoteesi, jota voidaan testata käyttämällä ANN: ia tutkimusvälineenä. ”
[SEPP Comment: Unfortunately, the term ANN is not defined; it probably refers to neutral networks of computing systems – a framework of many different machine learning algorithms.]

Mittausongelmat – Atmosfääri

NASA-laitteiden kiertäminen Bostonin hiilidioksidipäästöjen, kasvillisuuden tutkimiseen
Kat J. McAlpine BU-uutisia varten, Boston MA (SPX) 15. toukokuuta 2019…
Bostonin tutkijat ovat paljon lähempänä kotia kriittinen tehtävä validoimalla OCO-three: sta tulevat tiedot vertaamalla mittauksia maanpinnasta tehtyihin mittauksiin

Mittausongelmat – energiavirta

CO2-ilmaston pakottaminen maapallon järjestelmässä Konteksti: Honey Bee Versus The Sun
Tekijä Kenneth Richard, No Tips Zone, 13. toukokuuta 2019…


Uusi USA: n alue ilman kuivuusrekisteriä
Roger Pielke Jr. Hänen bloginsa, 16. toukokuuta 2019…
[SEPP Comment: The proportion of US Land area not in drought is increasing.] 19659003] Chilly Throttles N. Puolipallon kevät: ”Se on ollut julma”… ”Ei voi muistaa tällaista viivästettyä kevää”… ”Tuskin vihje lehtiä puista”
P Gosselin, No Tips Zone, 17. toukokuuta 2019…
[SEPP Comment: Where it is cooling, it’s called weather; where it is warming, it’s called climate.]

Deluge in California
By Cliff Mass, Climate and Local weather Weblog, May 15, 2019
https: //…

New potential for tracking extreme storms
By Employees Writers, Paris (ESA), May 15, 2019 N…

Altering Local weather

The Little Ice Age: What Happened Around the World
Between 1300 and 1850, the Earth skilled a Little Ice Age whose cause to this present day isn’t recognized.
By Marcia Wendof, Fascinating Engineering, May 15, 2019 [H/t GWPF]…

Changing Seas

New Findings Contradict Alarmist Rahmstorf: Arctic/Greenland Ice Melt “Barely Impacting AMOC”
Gulfstream “barely impacted” by Arctic ice soften
By Die kalte Sonne (German textual content translated/edited by P Gosselin), No Tips Zone, May 12, 2019…

Drilling into the seabed beneath Earth’s strongest ocean current
International expedition studies present’s previous dynamics to know its future
By Employees Writers, NSF Public Affairs, May 15, 2019…
“The Antarctic Circumpolar Current is the planet’s most powerful and arguably most important current. It is the only current to flow clear around the globe without being diverted by any landmass.”

Low ocean oxygen levels can blind sea creatures
Imaginative and prescient in marine invertebrates very delicate to oxygen in the water
Media Release, Nationwide Science Basis, May 16, 2019…
Hyperlink to paper: Vision is very delicate to oxygen availability in marine invertebrate larvae
By Lillian R. McCormick, et al, Journal of Experimental Biology, Apr 21, 2019…
[SEPP Comment: Has usual and questionable assertions of human-caused changes.]

Altering Cryosphere – Land / Sea Ice

Jakobshavn Isbrae: Mighty Greenland glacier slams on brakes
By Jonathan Amos, BBC, May 14, 2019 [H/t GWPF]…

Research finds 24% of West Antarctic ice is now unstable
Press Release, American Geophysical Union, EurekAlert, May 16, 2019
https://www.eurekalert.or g/pub_rele…
Link to paper: Developments in Antarctic Ice Sheet Elevation and Mass
By Andrew Shepherd, et al., Geophysical Research Letters, May 16, 2019
[SEPP Remark: The opening sentence of the press launch demonstrates its alarmist tone: “In only 25 years, ocean melting has caused ice thinning to spread across West Antarctica so rapidly that a quarter of its glacier ice is now affected, according to a new study.” The info begins 25 years in the past, we do not know what was occurring before!]

New research boosts understanding of how ocean melts Antarctic Ice Sheet
By Employees Writers, Hobart, Australia (SPX) May 15, 2019…
Link to paper: Seasonality of warm water intrusions onto the continental shelf close to the Totten Glacier
By Alessandro Silvano, JGR Oceans, May three, 2019

Acidic Waters

Higher understanding of coral-algae relationship might help forestall bleaching
By Brooks Hays, Washington (UPI), May 13, 2019…
“Little is known about the molecular mechanisms underlying their symbiotic relationship — how can we understand the br e ak-up if we don’t understand the relationship in the first place?” Cheong Xin Chan, a researcher at the College of Queensland and its Institute for Molecular Bioscience, stated in a information launch.
[SEPP Comment: The research measuring the changing pH of the critical region for coral growth is an important step.]

An Ocean Acidification Experiment
By Michael Chase, clisciwatch May 2019 [H/t WUWT]…

Agriculture Points & Worry of Famine

International wheat production set to hit document 777Mt: USDA
By Employees Writers, Grain Central, May 13, 2019…

Decreasing Standards

Local weather Change Killing Frogs, Say BBC
By Paul Homewood, Not a Lot of Individuals Know That, May 13, 2019

Speaking Better to the Public – Exaggerate, or be Obscure?

Guardian Lauds Coal Free Week- However Forgets To Mention Fuel Provided 49%!
By Paul Homewood, Not a Lot of Individuals Know That, May 11, 2019
“This BMRS is the primary channel for providing operational d ata relating to the GB Electricity Balancing and Settlement arrangements. It is used extensively by market participants to help make trading decisions and understanding market dynamics and acts as a prompt reporting platform as well as a means of accessing historic data.”]…

Speaking Better to the Public – Make things up.

BBC Claims Poor Nations Are Worse Off As a result of Of Fossil Fuels
By Paul Homewood, Not a Lot of Individuals Know That, May 12, 2019

Video: Netflix, Attenborough and Cliff-Falling Walruses, the Making of a False Climate Icon
By Employees Writers, GWPF, May 17, 2019…

Speaking Better to the Public – Use Propaganda on Youngsters

Nature Advocates Utilizing Youngsters To Propagandize Mother and father
By William Briggs, His Weblog, May 14, 2019…

Youngsters can foster climate change concern amon g their mother and father
By Danielle F. Lawson, et al. Nature, Climate Change, May 6, 2019…

Brainwashing Youngsters Works?
By John Hinderaker, Powerline, May 12, 2019…

Questioning European Green

EU Faces Plastic Waste Disaster in Wake of New Export Restrictions
Press Release by GWPF, May 15, 2019…
Link to EU “recycling” research: Save the Oceans: Stop recycling plastic
By Mikko Paunio, GWPF, 2019…
[SEPP Comment: Underneath “recycling,” not can the EU ship it to Asia and Africa where it turns into a serious part of the ocean trash.]

Questioning Green Elsewhere

On the Power Innumeracy of the supporters of Canada’s Inexperienced New Deal
By Blair King, A Chemist in Langley, May 7, 2019 [H/t Cooler Heads]…
[SEPP Comment: The US is not the only country where bold new plans for energy fail to recognize simple physics and chemistry.]

Subsidies and Mandates Eternally

Democrats Attempt to Prolong Wind, Solar Help They Agreed to Let Die
By Ari N atter, Bloomberg, May 15, 2019 [H/t Cooler Heads]…

Critics blame solar farms for top electricity bills as it emerges house owners earn extra money from taxpayer-funded handouts than promoting power [UK] By Colin Frenandez, Day by day Mail, May 12, 2019 [H/t GWPF]…

EPA and other Regulators on the March

Modus Operandi: How the EPA and the Company for Poisonous Substances and Illness Registry Maintain Your Fears Alive.
By Frank Schnell, Science 2.0, Nov 7, 2018…

Power Points – Non-US

Power and the Info Infrastructure Half 5: Robots Eat Too: Huang’s Regulation & The Voracious Urge for food of Artificial Intelligence
By Mark Mills, Real Clear Power, May 16, 2019…

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“The ‘blue light’ in LED lighting can damage the eye’s retina and disturb natural sleep rhythms, France’s government-run health watchdog said this week.
“New findings confirm earlier concerns that ‘exposure to an intense and powerful [LED] light is ‘photo-toxic’ and can lead to irreversible loss of retinal cells and diminished sharpness of vision,’ the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) warned in a statement.”
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1. Roundup of Most cancers Evidence
The EPA says the weed killer is protected and noncarcinogenic.
Editorial, WSJ, May 14, 2019…

The editorial states:

“A California jury awarded a shocking $2.055 billion Monday to a few who declare that Bayer AG’s Roundup weed killer prompted their most cancers. However would the judgment have been totally different if the decide had allowed the jury to see contradictory evidence?

“That’s the question Bayer will increase in its attraction because of Decide Winifred Smith, who presided over the trial. The Alameda County Superior Courtroom decide denied a request by Bayer’s legal professionals to inform the jury that the Environmental Safety Company concluded last month that Roundup’s lively ingredient, glyphosate, is noncarcinogenic and poses no danger to public health when used as directed.

‘What’s the relevance?’ Decide Smith asked before dismissing Bayer’s request. But when glyphosate is protected, then it isn’t chargeable for the non-Hodgkin lymphoma of Alva and Alberta Pilliod. The decision follows two other current instances awarding $158 million towards Roundup. Bayer now faces lawsuits from some 13,400 plaintiffs bringing comparable claims.

The plaintiff legal professionals behind these instances rely heavily on the World Health Organization’s Worldwide Agency for Research on Most cancers (IARC), which claimed glyphosate is ‘probably carcinogenic.’ However the EPA’s new glyphosate evaluation is way more strong than that 2015 analysis. Among other issues, the EPA’s specialists looked at 167 epidemiological, animal carcinogenicity, and genotoxicity research. The company excluded 39 of these research over considerations about high quality.

The IARC relied on fewer than half as many such studies. It was ‘limited to data published in openly available scientific literature and as such only considered a subset of the studies that EPA considered,’ says Alexandra Dunn, the assistant administrator at EPA’s Workplace of Chemical Security and Air pollution Prevention.

The international agency also did not nix research targeted on non-mammalian species like worms or reptiles, which the EPA thought-about irrelevant in determining human danger. And in 2017 Reuters reported the IARC ignored and omitted proof that glyphosate was noncarcinogenic.

The IARC has issued cancer danger warnings for more than 1,000 products and activities, including scorching drinks, aloe, pink meat and working the night time shift. An adviser for its glyphosate evaluation, Christopher Portier, was accepting pay from Lundy, Lundy, Soileau & South, a firm recognized for its cancer class-action lawsuits. Mr. Portier now appears as a witness for the plaintiffs in the Roundup litigation.

The EPA’s glyphosate judgment is an interim finding and awaits last approval. Nevertheless it follows comparable judgments by regulators from the European Union, Australia, Japan, Canada and different developed nations after complete evaluations. A longitudinal research revealed in 2017 within the Journal of the Nationwide Cancer Institute tracked cancer incidence amongst almost 45,000 licensed pesticide applicators who used Roundup. The research found that ‘in unlagged analyses, glyphosate was not statistically significantly associated with cancer at any site.’

The EPA additionally appeared for potential hazards to those that ate crops uncovered to glyphosate. The agency made conservative assumptions about the degrees of glyphosate residue on the crops and consuming water and concluded there isn’t a danger to human health.

That positive sounds related, and perhaps the jury would have agreed. Massive enterprise isn’t common nowadays, however corporations don’t need to be looted based mostly on a biased presentation of scientific proof. [Boldface added.]

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