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The "Yellow Vests" motion in France was sudden. It started spontaneously with the dissatisfaction brought on by the new gasoline tax. The varied fears and disapproval out of the blue coincided with the varied social demands that have been tolerated by the distrust of Emmanuel Macron, who was thought-about the rich president. At first glance it seemed like French politics as standard. Since 1995, all French presidents (Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande) have been dramatically promoted within six months of the election. The reforms they anticipated have been destroyed by left-wing social actions, the division of the majority on this House and, finally, the dangerous economic state of affairs.

After his sudden election, Macron seemed like an excellent station to avoid the destiny of his predecessors. If he hadn't stopped rising populism in Europe? Wouldn't he have given a transparent mandate and means and personal power to implement formidable reforms? It appears that evidently not only France but in addition the EU had found a robust new chief. Despite the low turnout of his opponents, Macron's election victory in 2017 was equally spectacular, though not more than his predecessors' powers: Queries showed that he would have gained all of his opponents in the second half and his victory in his parliament confirmed his nice reputation.

Nevertheless, 18 months later, Macron has not only a violent rejection of his policy, however even more violent rejection. "Macron gets out!" It was the primary slogan of the yellow vest. Regardless of the decline in mobility and new welfare expenditure of EUR 10.3 billion, which threatens the financial restoration in France and the euro space, disruptions and concrete violence continue. Macron and his extraordinary politician and any state of political representation at the moment are more and more aggressive

Yellow vests declare to be a nation; they categorical widespread will immediately. For them, only the unfiltered expression is respectable. Their anger is so deep that it isn’t negotiable and wishes no additional justification. Repeated declarations by Macron and his ministers, recognizing that "your anger is right," haven’t any effect, except that this adds to the political class as an entire.

Earlier than the December 1, 2018, a violent demonstration on the Champs Elysées might marvel on the nature of the Yellow Vests movement, given its spontaneous and "apolitical" appearance. The media was pleased, the intelligentsia shared: Was it a democratic insurrection towards an oligarchy or a populist revolt on the lookout for a new type of authoritarianism? Was it the protest of the poorest individuals towards rising inequalities or the decrease center class of neglected rural areas towards "solid" cities? The last battle for endangered occupations and areas which are unable to seek out their place within the new digital robotic financial system? Involved concerning the coming of painful economic reforms, particularly pensions? Such social and political elements may be within the recreation, however there are more, and sadly it isn’t reassuring.

First, city violence, insults and vandalism, which described the Yellow Vests, usually are not injury brought on by peaceful injury. mobilization. The cowboy yellow cords cynically admit this reality in their repeated media slogans: "We strongly condemn violence, but we have to admit that it is effective." In reality, their violence was an essential factor in the authorities's withdrawal.

Arranging and channeling demonstrations, Yellow Vests comply with the strategy of unpredictable conferences and don’t assist the police to stop vandalism and violence. This guerrilla strategy is not at all spontaneous. It requires a cautious organization. After six weeks, the spontaneity of the movement, perhaps initially, has turn out to be a fantasy: Leaders and spokespersons have risen to Facebook, all of which catch up with the same points of speech, such as the demand for "horizontality" without leaders and their own refusal: "I speak to myself, others may think differently, and I follow them "" I am satisfied with the measures announced by the government, but because my colleagues do not, "and so forth., and so on., and so on.

Second, Macron is to develop into anger that overshadowed all other requirements:…." citizens' initiative referendum ". It feels like participatory democracy, but it isn’t. The primary level of these referendums is not to determine on political issues however to remove the elected representatives. Yellow vests want the referendum to be free from authorized or constitutional checks (for example, if it contradicts human rights or international obligations). It isn’t meant to empower civil society, but to offer unlimited energy to individual enemies and to go beyond the political process as an entire. Whereas Yellow Vests remain programmatically "apolitical" in Facebook groups, they endlessly replay their hostility to the EU, even promote the "Frexit" perform and remove probably the most extreme clichés of Jews, immigrants, George Soros, Freemasons, homosexuals, and so on. Towards. "Righteous anger", the flourishing social networks which are flourishing with pretend information and conspiracy theories, are spreading.

The populism of this new movement is said to the distrust of the media and the elite (the "them") and the loyalty to all the scams that spread on Facebook ("me"). In response to the survey, 35 per cent of respondents consider that the American authorities participated within the September 11 attacks, which attracted 47 per cent of younger individuals (18–34 years). : satirical journalists, cops, Kosher Meals Retailer clients) have been truly designed or manipulated by the French secret service – this final determine jumps to 34% of the 18-24 yr-olds. to cover the harmfulness of vaccines to the public.

Rage is a blind feeling, a call to revenge or a suicide.

The yellow vests have brought this conspiracy mania to Russian heights, explaining the apparent actions of their very own motion. The knights who plundered the Arc de Triomphe and plundered the posh boutiques have been, in reality, mixers employed by Macron. Some of them have been even cops. Immediately after the terrorist attack in Strasbourg on December 11th, the Yellow Vests leaders stated it was truly a plot by Macron to undermine movement. Even after it was discovered that it was an Islamic assault that killed five individuals, many yellow vests seized one model of this conspiracy principle ("a very suspicious coincidence").

"Anger" was from the start a keyword movement, however "rage" is sufficient. Anger is an expressive motive for something that requires compensation or some other damages. Fury is a blind feeling, a call to revenge or scapegoating

"Civil War is Inevitable," declared Christophe Chalençon, presumably a average leader of the Yellow Vest, on Christmas Eve. How did Macron come to wake up this type of anger? Wunderkind's president made mistakes, he was typically conceited or relaxed, however much less than his predecessor. He insisted on the reforms at a high velocity, the danger of worry for the individuals, but intently followed this system he was chosen for. This program identified inconsistencies by decreasing the strain on public funds on the one hand and by creating new taxes on the opposite. All this will explain the unpopularity, but not the hate. On December 22, some yellow vests organized Macron's false public trial at a stadium that ended with a break in the midst of a doll made to seem like a president.

The explanation for this phenomenon, which invokes brazenly absurd, is in French politics, but in addition in international developments. Macron attracts criticism because he has no political selection in France. The French political system collapsed in 2017 and has not progressed. Somewhat, two government parties have fallen additional. When dominant, middle-proper Les Républicains can be 11 % in the basic election, and its candidate for 10-13 % of the presidential election. The PS (Socialist Social gathering), which had been a majority in Parliament for 20 years since 1981, has fallen to four.5%. At the similar time, the neo-Communist Celebration La France Insoumine (LFI) didn’t turn out to be the primary opposition group (the ambition of its charismatic leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon. Even Macron's new-born get together doesn’t exist alone or in parliament or in public debate. Subsequently, the President is personally liable for all the things.

On the best is the only political pressure that survives the ruins of the get together system, and subsequently the one one who advantages from the movement of the Yellow Vests movement. ) had already reached 26 per cent in September (20 per cent in the Macron get together, LREM). there’s nothing to supply apart from leaving the EU and the eurozone, from the viewpoint of even those who are indignant in Brussels. Marine Le Pen has acquired some help among the many yellow jackets with out saying a lot, just 18 months after his shameful efficiency in the presidential election. Returning to the political recreation, it appears that evidently he just has to whisper the magic phrases: Yellow vests are "forgotten".

At the similar time, the LFI's vocal help for the yellow waistcoat doesn’t convey anything, despite its leaders. It’s value mentioning the French MP François Ruff, who proclaimed: “The President and nobody else is driving and burning our country, tearing the republic, he may give up like Mr Kennedy. M. Macron must go now, both by automotive, helicopter or scooter, he should go earlier than individuals get indignant with rage. "

When seen towards the demolition of democracy liberated by Trron and Putin, the Macron Presidency has as an alternative begun the elimination of French society and politics. The Structure provides him time and stability till 2022, and he might have the historical creativeness and the courage to return

Except that Macron's rage research isn’t just French. From Washington to Warsaw, from Rome to Prague and to Budapest, Liberal Democracy is threatened with demise from within. It is a tragedy: the Fury policy pretends to offer energy again to nations, however its success would give them power and get what they worry probably the most: the destruction of globalization, uncontrolled migration, and immobility to undemocratic empires.

Nevertheless, it is weak and clumsy, but the EU continues to be the one defend for the political freedom and security of the peoples of Europe towards opponents who appear more and more threatening and appear to work impunity. In contrast to the French Presidency, the EU is increasingly exposed to the populist wave of the upcoming elections. The result of the European Parliament's populist anti-European majority might be a partial or larger collapse of the EU, introduced into a brand new and horrifying form of chaos, which most Europeans have not skilled during their lifetime. I can solely find the twisted and little hope that Macron is perhaps in distress and emergency in 2019 in Europe, which he did not obtain in 2017 as a result of his formidable proposals and courage.


A shorter version of this text appeared in Ukrainski in Tyzko / Ukrainian Week

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