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EM113A2 Fast Feeder 2

Bar-Armor Experiments from M113 APC in the Vietnam War

The Coalition Assault and subsequent Iraqi occupation in 2003 led to a US army stabilization drive that remained within the country for greater than a decade. This occupation drive was confronted with each the riot wrestle and the execution of police activities, together with the administration of hundreds of men who have been "TIF" – the Worldwide Theater of the Theater. When hundreds of males had been interned at these camps, there was little to do, and dangerous circumstances have been inevitably a wrestle and a serious drawback in a serious disorder. As an alternative of addressing the inherent drawback of camps, it was decided that there was a need for armed intervention inside these camps to take care of order. M113 REV2 was the results of this "need".

EM113REV2 Car A with out its bulldozer in Camp Bucca, Iraq. The car has been occupied by US Air Pressure personnel from the 886th Expeditionary Security Pressure. Source: Fairchild Air Pressure Base Information.

In 2005, the US Army Analysis Middle Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey, began investigative procedures to succeed in the internal camps of prisoners and prisoners in the course of the Iraqi invasion. A few of these camps had induced widespread disruption, and the incursion of armed militia police posed a danger that prisoners would receive lethal ammunition.

The automobiles to be modified have been the Canadian M113A2, though the Canadian automobiles have been unclear. Transformed, they might be re-converted to EM113A2's speedy access car 2 (REV2). 4 automobiles have been converted and named EM113A2 REV 2A, B, C and D. They are outfitted with a bumper attachment and have been referred to as "SPIRAL 2". The identify was by no means in relation to the SPIRAL-encapsulated telescopic fire-extinguishing training challenge

The EM113REV2 car, with SPIRAL 2, where armament and MCCM have been removed. Supply: Griffen & lt

Connectors and Weapons

Automobiles have been outfitted with a bulldozer connection to assist barricades. For use with closed hatches, higher periscopes have been additionally put in. The obvious change is that the left and proper edges of the car with giant sections of the aluminum sheath are reduce. Two giant 3-panel home windows have been put into these portals and one window on the crew's aspect. At the again, two panels have been put in as a single hearth port to serve the crew as a weapon. There was no hearth in the crew compartment. Under these two portals, two bins under the M5 modular crowd control motor (MCCM) have been situated under the aspect wall of the car. Inner actors can blow them up. Two different MCCMs hooked up to the box have been mounted on the front, one for every of those two arms. Nevertheless, plainly the MCCM clips have been later added, probably within the theater, after the removing of the bulldozer blade, because the earlier pictures indicate the blade itself for mounting the 2 MCCM holders

The size of the MCCM are the same as these of the Claymore mine dimensions (proper). Supply: and Wikimedia

Though the M5 MCCM is formally a "non-lethal weapon," the similarity with the Claymore mine is infallible, and the capturing of 600.32 caliber-rubber balls at a excessive velocity will probably be detrimental, a mistake. Making a real Claymore can be rather more harmful. The only distinction between the M5 MCCM and the M18A1 Claymore is the increased diamonds on the again of the M5 MCCM and the light inexperienced shade used within the plastic body. The shortage of differentiation is, in accordance with the US army, in order for a non-lethal weapon (NLW) to look like its normal deadly counterpart. US Army NLW Reference Guide 2012:

”The present US policy is not to change the looks of the NLW to separate them from their killing colleagues, but quite to develop methods with two capabilities to ship both deadly and non-lethal ammunition / effects, as applicable. Several US Allies have expressed their want to differentiate NLW clearly from lethal weapons not directly, such because the NLW blue or orange coloring. While this may be higher in some conditions, together with crowd management and to be able to keep away from misuse of a deadly weapon, america doesn’t favor it. NLW marked with separate colors or markings would make it straightforward for an opponent to determine and resist it NLW ”

– JNLWP 2012.

It also needs to be stored in mind that the term" non-lethal "does not mean that it isn’t deadly. US army official definition of non-lethal weapons:

”Non-lethal weapons: weapons, gear and ammunition particularly designed and primarily used for disability-targeted personnel or material as quickly as minimized deaths, everlasting personal damage and unwanted property injury goal space or surroundings. Non-lethal weapons are meant to have reversible results on personnel or material ”

– JNLWP 2016.

The range of the M5 MCCM is about 30 meters in the arc of 60 to 80 levels broad, with a protected distance of about 5 meters and is more likely to trigger blunt traumatic injuries as much as 15 meters away. Under this distance, individuals's probabilities of killing an armed mob are great. The extra hazard is the peak at which the weapons are positioned. Based on the US Military's 2001 GTA 10-01-004 Nonlethal expertise – M5 MCCM normal, the gadget may be lethal within 5 meters and have to be placed within the floor or no more than 30 centimeters above it. In this approach, the unfold of the balls is clearly directed to the ankles, legs and lower legs of the set. This was far much less more likely to cause critical damage or dying than one adult waist peak.

https: Arranging an M5 MCCM and EM870 shotgun for an external M231 port. . Supply: Sebasto

Put in gun gates have been just like the M2 Bradley Infantry Fighter (IFV), and had a specially modified M870 Remington 870 12-gauge pump shotgun with a steel receiver. The pistols of the pistols have been shortened and had a collar taken from the M231 firearm M2 Bradley IFV from the M231 Hearth Port. The shotguns might then be twisted into the firing port in the same method as Bradley's 5.56 mm firearms that had carried out.

M231 EM113A2 REV. Source: Adams

The first M270 M231 collar mannequin and modified handles. Source Adams

An strange lethal ammunition was obtainable (00 & # 39; double-ought & # 39; Buckshot), as well as non-lethal 12 gauge rounds, including Stingball (rubber balls) in areas 10 to 30 meters away, Fin -Stabilized spherical (one rubber sabotage) for particular person gadgets as much as 20 meters away, and Sock Spherical (weighed bag) for gadgets 30-55 meters away. Early exams with non-lethal ammunition induced injury to magazine help and barrel, resulting in some modifications. The collar was welded into the barrel, the new wind was welded to the top of the barrel to the barrel to remove it, and extra welds and screws have been added to hold the barrel and leaf help in place. An try was made to add another spring that may help the absorption of the return, and the ultimate weapon design was solved. Only 5 such pistols have been made, only one car and one spare.

Another M870 12-gauge shotgun, modified for gate use, M231 collar and log help was welded into place. Source: Adams

Shotguns have been hooked up to a car and hooked up to a air flow system taken from the early M2 Bradley IFV. These would take away the gases produced by the hearth, regardless that customized made steam hoods have been hooked up to the shotgun hooked up to the shotgun

. Supply: Adams

From left to proper. 12-dimensional non-lethal round. The round of M1013 known as “Stingball”, the M1012 Spherical Fin (Stabilized Rubber Bullet) and the “Sock” Tour (a sort of bag bag). Source: JNLWP 2012.

EM113A2 Fast Feed Car 2 (REV 2). Notice the M5 modular crowd control model (MCCM) put in on the edges of the car and the gates of the shotgun

Similar EM113 REV2 SPIRAL 2 configuration with a buffer blade. [19659011] Both footage have been produced by Andrei & # 39; Octo10 & # 39; Kirushkin, funded by Patreon's marketing campaign.


TIC had 4 modifications of M113A2, but it isn’t recognized how a lot, if they’ve out there, in the struggle towards riots, despite the fact that Camp Bucca had problems earlier than and after their deployment. It isn’t recognized whether or not the car was ever used outdoors the platform or not, but the venture was officially profitable. The design group was awarded one of many prime 10 army inventions of the yr, and two patents have been sought, one for car modification and one for a shotgun change. The Bucca camp was closed in September 2009, but these automobiles don’t seem to have stayed there and are anticipated to return to america.

EM113 REV2 Car A Without Bulldozer Plate, 886th Expeditionary Safety Forces, seen at the International Theater Arrangement (TIF) in Camp Bucca, Iraq. The entrance mounted MCCM holders are obvious. Supply: Primary information of Fairchild Air Pressure

EM113 REV2 Automobiles A, B and C as SPIRAL 2 with bulldozer blades. Observe that there are not any MCCM racks within the chassis. Source: NDIA

EM113A2 REV2 Car A, now a SPIRAL 2 with a bulldozer blade. Source: NDIA

EM113A2 REV2 Car C SPIRAL 2 with roof-mounted air flow openings. The MCCM holders on the aspect are empty and weapons aren’t put in. Observe that there are not any MCCM holders within the car C. Supply: Sebasto

EM113A2 REV 2 Car D that can be seen in a design workforce, together with American and Canadian soldiers. Source: Adams

M113 APC Specs

Dimensions (LwH) four.86 x 2.68 x 2.50 m (15.11 x eight.97 x eight.2 ft) Complete Weight, Battle accomplished 12.3 tonnes (24,600 lbs) Crew 5 (Commander, Controller, 11 Infantry) Propulsion Detroit 6V53T, 6-Syllable. diesel 275 hp (205 kW) P / w 22.36 hp / ton Transmission Allison TX-100-1 Three-speed automated Maximum velocity 42 mph (68 km / h) Street / Three.6 mph (5.eight km / h) swimming Suspensions Torsion bars Space 300 miles / 480 km Military Important: cal.50 12.7 mm (zero , 5 in) Browning M2HB MHG, 800
Sec. 2 Notebooks M60 zero.3 in (7.62 mm) feedback Armor Aluminum alloy 12-38 mm (0.47-1.50 in) Production (all mixed) 80,000


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